Medium is getting more and more like Amazon and Facebook, cluttered with flashy clickbait designed to distract me from simply doing what I opened the page to do. …

Douglas, could you explain one word I don't understand in these extremely important sentences? The word is "borrow". In what sense have I "borrowed" this US dollar bill that I have in my wallet from the US treasury? And in what way am I paying "interest" on it? The extreme importance of this matter is what you point out in the third sentence: that our economies "have to keep growing, even to this day" – which of course is what is relentlessly killing our climate, our environment, and us. So I'm trying to understand the chain of causation here.

Isn't it more likely that higher labor costs would encourage small farmers to sell their land to agribusiness, and all farmers to replace labor with mechanization? Both of these (unintended) consequences would be bad news for the climate, and the latter consequence would also be bad news for the farm workers.

Groan. Looks like yet another forced march to yet another Windows release is looming on the horizon.

Let me say what this means to me, as a long-time heavy user (but not a designer, developer, or vendor) of Windows. When Windows 10 came out, I heard it said that this…

Yes. And so many of the products that come in those bags should never have been made and sold in the first place.

In other words, let's remember that of the three things we as individuals can do to save the planet – "reduce, reuse, recycle" – the first is by far the best solution.

If I had to pick just one "arbitrary facet" of a person that predicts – indeed, causes – what most of us would regard as their level of "privilege", it would be their wealth. Yes, wealth is far from being the only determinant of privilege, but I'd say it's far ahead of whatever is in second place. Whaddya think?

It was so encouraging to read that "The technology that Synhelion created takes advantage of our most powerful source of energy — the sun — to replace the use of fossil fuels in cement plants, and capture 100 percent of the carbon emissions..."

...and so discouraging when this was immediately…

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